1 - Roaring log fire
2 - New Lula Magazine
3 - New Oh Comely Magazine
4 - The Selby Book (Thank you Santa)
5 - Pretty much nothing else.

Boxing Day = Legendary.


A festive Sunday spent in Yarm with good friend Amy Everson.
There was snow, Mariah, mince pies, Home Alone, carol services and trips to the cinema. Ahhhhhh Christmas is definitely upon us.


I woke up this morning with Feist in bed next to me. It was perfect. We lay there with only love between us, adoration and appreciation for one another the only task of the day.

A Past Sunday

Once upon a Summer Sunday, my good friend James McCarthy came to visit. As the weather was so nice we took to the road and headed for Port Carlisle, a quaint little place just outside the city. As it is one of my favourite places, i thought it only fair to share its beauty with James.
Us fellows had a marvelous time, and both look forward to more adventures to come.
The End.


It was such a beautiful Winter morning this Sunday that i had no choice but to have breakfast in my garden. I know that sounds a bit random considering it was thick with snow outside, but once wrapped up in dressing gowns and blankets it was really quite infinite.

Now then, i had a pretty busy week this week so today was all about rest and treating myself. I had the BEST lie in all cozy and curled up. So after my garden breakfast i decided to rid my bedroom of dust and put on clean bedding etc, as what is better than resting in a clean room?... Especially when a delightful late afternoon bath follows. Today was marvelous.

Soundtrack of the day.... Billie Holiday - Blue Moon


A snowy Sunday trip to RE in Corbridge is what it was all about this week. One of the most beautiful shops that has ever traded. Below are some little snap shots of my purchases.

- Phrenology Tea Towel
- British Isles Tea Towel
- String
- Tape Recordings Cataloging Book
- Cardboard Number 5
- Rusty Metal Eiffel Tower and Rusty Metal Great Britain.

The evening was spent with my Mother and Father on the sewing machine and ironing board - cushion making duties, part of the Christmas stock for my little shop.