Myself and Monty took to the icy roads in need of much quality time together today. Not venturing too far from home, all we needed was some alone time to clear our heads and motors, before we knew it we were relaxed and recharged once more.
When it was time to return, pumpkin soup and roasted pumpkin seeds were on the menu for evening dinner. Definitely needed one of these Sundays.


We've recently had a small extension attached to our office. Knocking down walls and such is obviously a very messy job, so now all the construction is complete, i turned myself to the task of re-organising our bookshelves. 
The image below is just a section, as you can imagine my whole day became dedicated to this mammoth task. 


The perfect companion to these cold winter Sundays :)


Now usually the thought of working on a Sunday is just gross. 
However when you get to create babe window displays like this one, Sunday working can sometimes be forgiven.  



It has become a tradition over the past 3 years that Bonfire weekend is not complete without gathering at the Leith household for fire works, sparklers, a table full of hearty food and a little drink or two; This year was certainly no exception. Infinite.


This weekend I played host to some very special old friends, Gary Bovill and Helen Marshall. 
We shopped in charity shops, ate delicious food, carved pumpkins, ate delicious food, chilled and watched DVDs, ate delicious food, carved Halloween pumpkins, ate delicious food, caught up with more old friends, ate delicious food, dressed up and partied all night and ate delicious food.


Sunday hangovers can mean only one thing.... Eat delicious food.
I can only hope that it's not another two years before these precious darlings are back in my house!


Three quarters of Fangtang joined forces today and gathered in my garden to enjoy a lovely meal and some Autumn sunshine. 


Week 7.


Sitting next to Dolly in hospital, my mind wondered to past Sundays. The kitchen table beautifully set with fresh flowers and shining cutlery, my family gathered around the table chatting through steaming plates of my mums delicious home cooked meals.
These favourite days of mine seem firmly lodged behind worry and sadness.
The view from the window of blue skies and golden trees however help keep my hope where it should be.


Today my favourite and best Ellie Rocks was home from London for the weekend. 
As per usual we were counting down the days all week, and when my eyes opened this morning, it was finally Sunday Funday. 
The weather was pouring but our smiles were beaming, off we took in Monty to Siloth for a good old fashioned British day of charity shopping and fish and chip eating. 
Missing Ellie is something i do daily, apart from today obviously :) 

From one best to another. 
Like everyday for the past few weeks, hospital visiting times have become part of my daily routine. 
Visiting Dolly, holding her hand, chatting to her, and reassuring her that her family are with her and loving her always is certainly the most important part of the day. 


I spent the morning finally finishing Jack Kerouac's 'On The Road', while Elloitt snuggled and purred along. 
After lunch Lydia Leith and I decided to take a nice Autumnal stroll down by the river, catching up on each others events, clearing our heads of stresses and woes, generally taking in the lovely day. 

Week Four of Dolly being in hospital. The doctors and nurses seem satisfied with her progress and recovery, however we're a long way off any form of good health. 
Dolly looked nice and cozy in the bed today and although asleep the whole time we visited, in the silence of our heads, the usual Sunday chats were taking place. 


Week three of Dolly being in hospital. This week her beautiful eyes finally opened. She seems an empty shell, sad watery eyes stare through you, wilting any shred of happiness that she is once again  conscious, because is she really? 
Today however was a day to try and think positive and try and enjoy what delights september can bring.  
Cold nights and chilly mornings mean only one thing... The Toast sheets have been resurrected and my autumnal slumber is once again happily wrapped up in flannel. 

A heavy and uncomfortable atmosphere of dread has settled over our house, thicker than the dust i have been rigorously polishing away. With my parents almost living at the hospital over the past few weeks, i have been busy distracting myself with housewifely duties, making our home a much needed sanctuary for their late return every night. 


Two weeks have now passed. 
Dolly remains in a coma. 


A week has passed.
Dolly has been in a coma this whole time. 
It seems that my family have joined her. 


Today was one of the worst days of my life. 
My darling Dolly was rushed into hospital after having a terrible stroke in the night. 
I am left heartbroken and speechless on this most revolting day. 


At this time of year, sometimes my favourite days are those gloomy rainy ones.
Sometimes being forced to stay indoors when the weather is hideous is the best solution.
And is there anything better than being forced to stay inside the house of my precious little Dolly.... Not today anyway.


It was warm when i rolled out of sleep this morning, the summer kind of warm when throwing back your covers and moving over to the unslept, cool side of the bed is essential.
Although i'm completely ready for Autumn, this sudden burst of warm sunshine was appreciated whilst enjoying a refreshing and filling breakfast of fruit, yoghurt and pastries.

My oldest cat Rolo was the little old wizard by my side the entire time. He is around 16 years old and has lived with us since i was 11. I remember writing about him in my year 6 class on the Monday morning after getting him over that weekend. Within that time he has had a lovely life of tickles and strokes as well as some more traumatic times involving getting hit by a car and some more recent illnesses. Being the old gent that he is he's finding getting around increasingly more difficult, and fears that he is sadly within his last days with us loom over the coming week.
Just incase this is your last week darling boy, you have been my longest pet friend and you will not be forgotten.