Week 7.


Sitting next to Dolly in hospital, my mind wondered to past Sundays. The kitchen table beautifully set with fresh flowers and shining cutlery, my family gathered around the table chatting through steaming plates of my mums delicious home cooked meals.
These favourite days of mine seem firmly lodged behind worry and sadness.
The view from the window of blue skies and golden trees however help keep my hope where it should be.


Today my favourite and best Ellie Rocks was home from London for the weekend. 
As per usual we were counting down the days all week, and when my eyes opened this morning, it was finally Sunday Funday. 
The weather was pouring but our smiles were beaming, off we took in Monty to Siloth for a good old fashioned British day of charity shopping and fish and chip eating. 
Missing Ellie is something i do daily, apart from today obviously :) 

From one best to another. 
Like everyday for the past few weeks, hospital visiting times have become part of my daily routine. 
Visiting Dolly, holding her hand, chatting to her, and reassuring her that her family are with her and loving her always is certainly the most important part of the day.