Port Carlisle has been my favourite Sunday destination for quite some time now. However today marked my favourite visit of all time, and truly one of the greatest times I have ever spent. 
Fangtang took the roads, a boot full of delicious barbeque food and vintage apparatus, only some of the ingredients to make this day one of the greatest of all. 
Food, drinks, chats, laughs and sunsets...... Infinite if ever there was. 


Ellie Rocks is my bestest. On a rare visit home I had the pleasure of sharing breakfast with her on a gloriously sunny morning. Pure perfection. 


Today marked the beginning of my annual Six Feet Under marathon.

- "You should do whatever brings you deeper into the reality of your life...
Not the life you think you can have, but the life you've got."


Today i was in Ruby Blue all afternoon filming for BBC1's television show 'Antiques Road Trip'. 
Although the dealer Anita Manning didn't purchase anything from little Ruby, hopefully she will get her two minutes of fame on the programme aired in the autumn. 
Well done Ruby, very proud of you. 



My head was rather fuzzy this morning after celebrating the birthday of my good friend Julia Dias. So after a painful few hours at work i was gladly back at home planning a late lunch/early tea with two quarters of Fangtang.
On a rainy dark afternoon we crawled into Monty and headed into the countryside for a lovely meal and chats about our current affairs. What Sundays are certainly all about.


This week i am working away from work in Loughborough helping set up a brand new Topman store. 
Today was a day of journey making; i packed, i read for my entire four and a half hour train journey, i arrived in my home for the next 4 nights.