Happy Halloween!!! One of the best holiday's right? RIGHT! I did this today....

- Carved my pumkin
- Ate pumpkin muffins
- Ate salted and roasted pumpkin seeds
- Watched Hocus Pocus [probably the best Halloween film of all time]

And last but not least, a little vintage snap of me dressed as a vampire. Treats.


Today saw some jam making with my mother. Jam of choice, Apple and Elderberry, picked from various trees and bushes around Carlisle.

- approx 4lbs apples
- approx 2lbs elderberrys
- 6 lbs granulated sugar
- some water to boil the fruit

All the while listening to a bit of Ella Fitzgerald. Bliss. I can also confirm that the jam is completely delicious. Breakfast in the morning is going to be quite literally sweet.


"We are walking down the street, holding hands. There's a playground at the end of the block and I run to the swings and climb on, and henry takes the one next to me, facing the opposite direction, and we swing higher and higher, passing each other, sometimes in synch and sometimes streaming past each other so fast it seems like we're going to collide, and we laugh, and laugh, and nothing can ever be sad, no one can be lost, or dead, or far away: right now we are here, and nothing can mar our perfection, or steal the joy of this perfect moment."

- Audrey Niffeneger - 'The Time Traveler's Wife'

Is there a better way to start the day than to read this perfect text? I think not.

Next to breakfast with the delightful Ruth McEwan and her boyfriend who were here on a quick visit.
- Earl Grey with lemon.
- Fruit scone with raspberry jam.

The afternoon saw giggles with Louise Waugh, my mischievous partner in crime.
All in all a very chilled Sunday spent with tremendous company as always. The only thing left to do...Find a cat and have a cuddle. Oh hi Dexter.


I've been a bit late in purchasing Laura Marling's latest album, and saturday after work finally saw the purchase of the special edition CD/DVD.
Possibly some of the most beautiful album packaging my little eyes have ever seen.
Naturally i decided to save listening/watching until sunday morning. Simply stunning.
I think i've fallen in love with her all over again. I'm almost glad that i was late to own this glorious package until now. This way i get to marry it with Autumn. PERFECT.

(images below taken from google, stills from the DVD)

After a relaxing morning with Laura and Co in bed, i get a text from my dear friend Julia, letting me know that her family are selling some of her Grandparents belongings and wanted to know if would like a cheeky first rummage. Of course i did. What a wonderful collection of things, mainly beautiful old books which made eyes light up with joy.

The afternoon saw the company of more good friends, firstly in the shape of Claire Russell, a very lovely lady from my university days. We ate, we chatted, we sang, we played piano, we were very full and in need of a nap.
Next saw life long friend Carly Hind, on a quick visit home from Manchester. She is beautiful and always sets my heart on fire.
A couple of hours of laughing and cuddling later i am home, and have just a little bit of time left for snuggles with Elliott. Ahhhhh.


I woke up in Chorley this Sunday. If you can call it waking up... a hangover clutched deep to my soul. However no amount of hangover would stop my buddy James and I from making the most of a rainy sunday, after all i was only there for one night and day. What to do...
Being hungover it was obvious that the day needed started with many a cup of tea and bacon and eggs, kindly supplied by James' two hens. After eating slowly and carefully a well deserved rest for an hour or so before getting ready to brave the out doors.

No car boot sale this week, but something maybe a million times better?... Knowing me well James escorted me to 'Bygone Times'. One of the BEST antique and bric-a-brac stores i have ever had the pleasure of being inside. It was MASSIVE, and probably a good thing that i was on a budget and traveling home by train, my wallet and little weekend bag could definitely not take it. My modest bargain purchases are demonstrated below. You will definitely see more posts about Chorely, James and Bygone times.