I've been a bit late in purchasing Laura Marling's latest album, and saturday after work finally saw the purchase of the special edition CD/DVD.
Possibly some of the most beautiful album packaging my little eyes have ever seen.
Naturally i decided to save listening/watching until sunday morning. Simply stunning.
I think i've fallen in love with her all over again. I'm almost glad that i was late to own this glorious package until now. This way i get to marry it with Autumn. PERFECT.

(images below taken from google, stills from the DVD)

After a relaxing morning with Laura and Co in bed, i get a text from my dear friend Julia, letting me know that her family are selling some of her Grandparents belongings and wanted to know if would like a cheeky first rummage. Of course i did. What a wonderful collection of things, mainly beautiful old books which made eyes light up with joy.

The afternoon saw the company of more good friends, firstly in the shape of Claire Russell, a very lovely lady from my university days. We ate, we chatted, we sang, we played piano, we were very full and in need of a nap.
Next saw life long friend Carly Hind, on a quick visit home from Manchester. She is beautiful and always sets my heart on fire.
A couple of hours of laughing and cuddling later i am home, and have just a little bit of time left for snuggles with Elliott. Ahhhhh.

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