That is how my sunny Sunday morning began. Catching up with some new magazines and listening to music while my bed soaked up the sunshine.... Perfection right!?

Anyone who knows me will inform you of my obsession for organisation, what they might not know however is my obsession for re-organisation of organisation.
My CDs have been alphabetised by first name since the beginning of time, however recently i've been getting myself all mixed up, so i decided to re-organise them by surname (like any sane person would right?!). This might sound like a ridiculous task, but i assure you it was not, and just what my Sunday menu needed.

With my musical chore over and done with, i stood back and exhaled a sigh of relief. My work there was done.

My evening task was one of the most random things i think i have ever been asked to do.....
So my friend is a teacher of a local high school academy, and today was the day that they were putting on a big dance competition..... Who was asked to be a judge..... Well, yours truly NATCH!
Well this news is just hilarious and pretty self explanatory, so i'll just leave it there.
With a chuckle, that is all for another week.


Sunday started this week spending some quality time with my old friends from Orange County; Sunday spent like the good old days.
While i was watching my DVDs it got me thinking to when i first started to love sundays, back in my first year of university. I lived with four others, three girls and one other boy. Just about every weekend the girls went home, leaving Mike and I the rulers of our flat for a few days. With less people in the house the novelty of enough hot water to be in the shower for as long as you liked was the biggest luxury, and often the highlight of the week.
From then on, Sundays became the best day, Mike and I ate delicious food, chatted, laughed, got up to mischief, wondered around York, but most importantly stopped everything for an hour to watch the OC.
So i guess i owe some of my love of Sundays to Mike. If you ever happen to stumble upon this blog Mike, i thank you and miss you.

Before skipping off to spend the day with the Waugh (to stuff our faces and watch Wayne's World obv), i had my usual chats with my dearest Dolly; As i was away last weekend this time was sorely missed.
This week the chats were about friends. When I was saying goodbye to Dolly, and telling her i was off to Louise's house, we got to chatting about the importance of friendship and how wonderful it is to find friends to comfortably hang out with, never needing to looking at your watch to see when it is time to quickly depart.
Well i'm certainly lucky in that respect, and Dolly, you're a welcome member of my friendship group, in fact, you can be the chair woman.


York is one of my favourite cities in the UK. After studying and living there for three years, it is always so pleasurable to return and reminisce about the adventures and fun that was once had.
One of my best friends while i was harbored there was the York Minster; a building of tremendously haunting beauty. She was instantly appointed my muse, becoming the subject of countless photographs and conversations - True Love.

Whether they are architectural or real, reuniting with old friends is wonderful and always a pleasure. This weekend i added stories and laughs to the scrapbook that is my friendship with a small group of beautiful and fantastic people.

My Sunday was spent smiling and laughing through hangovers and injuries.

I find the only way to make hungover train journeys home tolerable, is to add the following ingredients...

- A good magazine: Oh Comely
- A caressing soundtrack: Noah and the Whale, Sia and Keaton Henson.
- A selection of delicious food and drink: Pasta, Fruit, Cookies and Cola.


Every year on the Sunday before Shrove Tuesday the Sealey family, along with Dolly Josephides enjoy an evening of making, and more importantly, eating pancakes...... Delicious.