My very talented and ever so clever friend Lydia Leith has become an over night celebrity recently for designing a royal wedding themed sick bag. Long story short, they're amazing and it seems everyone else thinks so too. This being the case you can only imagine how busy she has been making and sending these treats out to great demand all over the world.

So while she managed to take an hours break i popped around the corner to her house and shared a celebratory cup of tea.
I'm also now a proud owner of one of her cult creations and will also be a staff member of this whirlwind operation as of tuesday.
Wish us luck and support our love of buying porcelain cats and buy one by visiting her equally delightful website, www.lydialeith.com


I awoke with a clear head and a smile on my sleepy face today.
Today was a day for taking a lone road trip over to West Cumbria to the cinema. Film of choice..... Never Let Me Go.
Off i set, hand in hand with my little MJ, Sia my favourite Sunday singer accompanying the journey, duetting as i drove.

After loving the film whole heartedly and trying not to let any tears fall from my watery eye,s i set upon my journey home, act two of the Sia and Damian concert truly delighting me.

An evening with Carly Hind. Well that was just the icing on a wonderful cake. We chatted, we drank champagne, we snuggled, but most of all we loved.
Sunday..... Infinite once again.


I have woken up hungover for far too many Sundays in a row recently. However todays was by far the worst.
As a result i had a date with my bed all day, with new magazines and the Dark Was The Night DVD to keep me company and remind me what it's like to be human.
I bought the DVD while i was in NY but have had so much on since i returned to England that i haven't had time to watch it.... to be honest i forgot i had it.
Beautiful and amazing music created for a great cause. If you don't know anything about Dark Was The Night, get onto it.


I awoke to the sound of pounding rain and the heaviest of grey skies.
This meant there were only three tasks for the day...

- Don't leave the house
- Listen to Belle and Sebastian
- Read Just Kids

One, Two and Three accomplished, all that was left was to sit in front of the fire with these little critters. One of the most relaxing Sundays i have had so far this year, long may it continue.


I stated today with snuggles from my infinite twin Ellie Rocks, Bob Dylan caressed our gin filled heads and slowly nurtured us back into consciousness.

The rest of my Sunday wasn't so delightful. The afternoon saw me start to pack up my dear shop Ruby Blue. Every inch of those walls know stories and secrets, some amazing times with some equally amazing people.
My heart broke and tears fell, but the rainbow of Ruby's little sister opening next week made it all a little more bearable.

Adele was very kind to me today and kept me company, lending her shoulder to absorb my upset.