I woke up in a hotel in Glasgow this morning at 8.00am.
Today i did not do the following...
- Buy other peoples old junk.
- Go on fun adventures with my favourites.
- Have wonderful chats with Dolly.

Instead.... I WENT TO WORK!!!
Recently I went and got myself a new job, Visual Merchandising for Topman. So this week i was shipped off to Glasgow to assist an Arcadia group mega store opening (Outfit), before returning home to set up our brand new Topman store in Carlisle next week.

Not my usual glorious fun filled Sunday, but i must admit, i enjoyed it all the same.


Today was spent celebrating 31 years of my sister blowing out Birthday candles.


29 years ago today, my Grandad sadly passed away.
Having never met Ninos Josephides, i've had to rely on stories from my older family members in order to get to know this well respected man.
Stories about him from my dear Dolly are always my favourite, her wonderful face never hiding the adoration she obviously still feels for her beloved husband.
Today our family remember a truly wonderful man, a man who did everything and more he possibly could to provide and take care of his family; who still love him more than he will ever know.
If I could have one conversation with him, i would thank him for my family and let him know that our beautiful Dolly will always be taken care of.


Every year the neighbours from my street gather together in a beautiful secret back lane and eat, drink and chit chat.
This year we were blessed with a tremendous feast, and equally tremendous weather.
Here's to next year.


Today i woke up here, an enchanting little farm house hidden deep within a forest in the heart of France.
Words and images will never manage to capture the true beauty of this completely wonderful and magical place.
Birthdays, exploring, campfire building, laughter, and shooting star sightings were only some of the ingredients that helped make this Sunday truly one of the most infinite and astonishingly beautiful days of my life.