Easter Sunday. That can only mean three things....

- Eat all day
- Sit in the garden and soak up the sun
- Chat with Dolly

Happy Easter everyone.


I had been exited about this for weeks, although deep down in my mind i knew it would be a bit of a disappointment, i still couldn't help but power walk to it like a giddy child.
Yep...a bit rubbish, still managed to bag some modest goods however (cat shaped obv).

I think my little precious Elliott was a fan of the new collection.
The rest of the day was spent in the garden surrounded by cats and glorious sunshine.
All that i needed to complete my glorious day was some delicious snacks, eaten off last weeks car boot purchased crockery. Sunday Done.


Where else would you find a dog dressed up like this on a Sunday other than Silloth Car Boot Sale!? That's right, good friend Lydia Leith and I experienced our first Car Boot of 2011!!! And what a glorious day for it too, there was even time to enjoy a little ice cream.

My favourite buy of the day was definitely a collection of about 50 photographs, mostly dated 1941. I hate to see people selling old photographs, so many lost memories, so whenever possible i pick them up so at least someone is looking at them fondly, even if it is a stranger.
There are some amazing images, but the below four are my most loved.

With the Car Boot over for another week, the only other thing to do on such a beautiful day was to have a picnic at my other favourite place, Port Carlisle.
Off Lydia and I popped in MJ, roof down, adding Abbie Deeb to our group along the way.

Looking forward to many more Sundays spent like this this summer :)


This Sunday was a celebration of three women......

1 - Emmy Sealey
2 - Dolly Josephides
3 - Carly Hind

What with Mother's Day meals and birthday trips to Manchester, this sunday was just beautiful.
I love you one, two and three x