It was warm when i rolled out of sleep this morning, the summer kind of warm when throwing back your covers and moving over to the unslept, cool side of the bed is essential.
Although i'm completely ready for Autumn, this sudden burst of warm sunshine was appreciated whilst enjoying a refreshing and filling breakfast of fruit, yoghurt and pastries.

My oldest cat Rolo was the little old wizard by my side the entire time. He is around 16 years old and has lived with us since i was 11. I remember writing about him in my year 6 class on the Monday morning after getting him over that weekend. Within that time he has had a lovely life of tickles and strokes as well as some more traumatic times involving getting hit by a car and some more recent illnesses. Being the old gent that he is he's finding getting around increasingly more difficult, and fears that he is sadly within his last days with us loom over the coming week.
Just incase this is your last week darling boy, you have been my longest pet friend and you will not be forgotten.


My parents are about to embark on a new venture.
At the beginning of 2012 they bought a beautiful building that had been close to becoming derelict for the best part of two years. 
My dad has always loved the building and before he could believe it their offer was accepted and the building was theirs. 

My mum has owned a successful private children's kindergarten for over 20 years now and for the last few years has dreamed of creating a children's atelier; So that's what this beautiful house is to now become. 
The atelier will be an outlet for children to explore various forms of art and craft, forest schools, cookery, sewing to name but a few. Using an array of reclaimed and recycled materials, the children will be able to freely create whatever their imagination will allow. 

There is still plenty of work to be done before the opening, but until then i'm so proud of what they have achieved so far and wish them all the luck in making their dreams a reality. 
I'm sure there'll be plenty more posts about 'Holme Head House' very soon. 


The change of seasons is upon us, and we're about to enter my fave, Autumn. 
This morning very much felt like an Autumnal morning, the only thing lacking being the slight chill to the air. Before doing my least favourite  thing on a Sunday, going to work, i spent a lazy morning catching up on new magazines while Simon and Garfunkel sweetly sang in the background. 
Autumn Sundays, i'm very much looking forward to getting reacquainted with you.