It was warm when i rolled out of sleep this morning, the summer kind of warm when throwing back your covers and moving over to the unslept, cool side of the bed is essential.
Although i'm completely ready for Autumn, this sudden burst of warm sunshine was appreciated whilst enjoying a refreshing and filling breakfast of fruit, yoghurt and pastries.

My oldest cat Rolo was the little old wizard by my side the entire time. He is around 16 years old and has lived with us since i was 11. I remember writing about him in my year 6 class on the Monday morning after getting him over that weekend. Within that time he has had a lovely life of tickles and strokes as well as some more traumatic times involving getting hit by a car and some more recent illnesses. Being the old gent that he is he's finding getting around increasingly more difficult, and fears that he is sadly within his last days with us loom over the coming week.
Just incase this is your last week darling boy, you have been my longest pet friend and you will not be forgotten.

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