Waking up in West Layton, North Yorkshire was like waking up in a dream. The scenery around my friend Claire Russell's house is completely beautiful.
This Sunday was all about catching up with old University friends, talking leisurely strolls in and around Richmond, and shopping in delightful Antique shops.


9.48am, morning light floods my bedroom and washes everything yellow, it's a wonderfully cold and sunny January morning.

After a delightful family lunch with my mother, father, brother, sister in law and two nieces, it was time to take to the roads and pay our dear Dolly a visit.
Cups of tea, shortbread, chats, smiles, reminiscing, and sunsets later, another Sunday is over.


Today was the first day in weeks in which i have had absolutely nothing to do, the feeling this gave me was of pure joy.

I was given this delightful Laura Veirs vinyl for Christmas from my parents and have been saving it until a day such as today.
Tumble Bee is a collection of mainly traditional folk songs for children (and big children), and not only features beautiful music but also spectacular art work. There was just no way that i wouldn't have loved this album, i think it will play a huge part in my future history, and the future history of my little ones still to come.

Day baths have become somewhat of a treat in my all of a sudden busy life, and as today was a day of treats it felt only right that one should feature in this glorious day of relaxation.

Last but certainly not least, it was time to spend some quality time with my dear Louise Waugh. We caught up, we giggled, we relaxed, but most of all, we appreciated what this rather lovely Sunday had given us.


This post comes in three parts....

Part I.
At the stroke of midnight it was 2012.
At the stroke of midnight it was Sunday.
With many an embrace with a selection of my dearest, the new year was upon us. Smiles and laughter could be seen and heard, genuine happiness the arm around our shoulder.

Part II.
On January 1st 1923, Dolores Marie Georgette Josephides was born.
89 years later as candles are blown from a homemade birthday cake, her youngest grandson is overcome with pride, the wonderful lady sat in front of him the greatest lady he will probably ever know.
Happy Birthday dearest Dolly, you are truly loved.

Part III.
On a cold and wet Sunday, my cases are packed and i'm sat on the first class carriage, on my way to London; Filled with excitement, soon to be reunited with my bestest. It seems i have not fully celebrated the new year without her company.

2012. I make no new years resolutions, just a list of plans to live this year to the fullest, with some truly remarkable people, without whom life would be tremendously uneventful.
I look back on 2011 with many a fond and thankful memory, i am proud of this year and all those who contributed to it's various successes.