40 years ago today my parents were getting married.
Today our family and friends celebrate with smiles, laughs and memories.
My parents firmly remain my idols, their love, strength and support is a constant force that keeps our family strong everyday. Here is to many more years of infinite love and happiness.
Congratulations on your Ruby Wedding Anniversary, i love you both and am prouder of you with every passing day.


Every year my household hatch chickens and ducks, and this year was a very successful year, two breeds of chickens and the most beautiful collection of little ducklings.
It's always a sad day when we have to say goodbye, and today was that sad day; But what better way to celebrate their departure than to let them blissfully splash around in our kitchen sink?!

Six Feet Under... My most favourite TV show of all time. The time has come - the end of my annual series 1-5 viewing. With floods of tears i end this Sunday, Ruth Fisher for life!


In a few Sundays time i will be waking up in France. Today i met with Lydia Leith, Lindsay Atkinson and Mark Howlette, to discuss the details over lunch.
After filling our bellies with delicious food, and a well overdue catch up, we decided to take an afternoon gaunt to Tullie House Museum to investigate the new Roman Gallery and an exhibition of the work of illustrator Mervyn Peake.
The fun flowed almost as much as the pouring rain.
Sunday 7th August 2011 = Infinite.
10/7 day all round.


Sunday lunch with my family is another reason as to why i love Sundays so much. It's especially nice when the weather is nice enough to allow you to dine outside.

Lunch over and with my afternoon free i decided to take an impromptu lone trip to the cinema in Ambleside. Showing today was 'The Tree of Life'. If you haven't seen it, i highly recommend that you do, very abstract but completely beautiful. Worth it for the cinematography alone.

All that was left from this completely wonderful day was to sink into my bed and absorb my candle lit bedroom, Belle and Sebastian accompanying my tired eyes into dreaming.


"Mum, i'm going out on bikes with Lydia!"
Words you'd usually associate with an 8 year old boy, not a 26 year old man.
But who cares right, when the sun is blazing who doesn't feel like a giddy child? Especially when there's yummy wild raspberries to eat along the way.

A few weeks ago now, Lydia Leith and i were bike riding around our local area and stumbled upon the most amazing place that we had no idea existed. We've affectionately named it 'America', and from the pictures below you'll see why.

From America with Lydia Leith, i traveled to Keswick with Louise (Shahrouz) Waugh.
Skimming stones and eating ice cream is the only way to spend a splendidly sunny summers day.