I spent the morning finally finishing Jack Kerouac's 'On The Road', while Elloitt snuggled and purred along. 
After lunch Lydia Leith and I decided to take a nice Autumnal stroll down by the river, catching up on each others events, clearing our heads of stresses and woes, generally taking in the lovely day. 

Week Four of Dolly being in hospital. The doctors and nurses seem satisfied with her progress and recovery, however we're a long way off any form of good health. 
Dolly looked nice and cozy in the bed today and although asleep the whole time we visited, in the silence of our heads, the usual Sunday chats were taking place. 


Week three of Dolly being in hospital. This week her beautiful eyes finally opened. She seems an empty shell, sad watery eyes stare through you, wilting any shred of happiness that she is once again  conscious, because is she really? 
Today however was a day to try and think positive and try and enjoy what delights september can bring.  
Cold nights and chilly mornings mean only one thing... The Toast sheets have been resurrected and my autumnal slumber is once again happily wrapped up in flannel. 

A heavy and uncomfortable atmosphere of dread has settled over our house, thicker than the dust i have been rigorously polishing away. With my parents almost living at the hospital over the past few weeks, i have been busy distracting myself with housewifely duties, making our home a much needed sanctuary for their late return every night. 


Two weeks have now passed. 
Dolly remains in a coma. 


A week has passed.
Dolly has been in a coma this whole time. 
It seems that my family have joined her. 


Today was one of the worst days of my life. 
My darling Dolly was rushed into hospital after having a terrible stroke in the night. 
I am left heartbroken and speechless on this most revolting day. 


At this time of year, sometimes my favourite days are those gloomy rainy ones.
Sometimes being forced to stay indoors when the weather is hideous is the best solution.
And is there anything better than being forced to stay inside the house of my precious little Dolly.... Not today anyway.