I spent the morning finally finishing Jack Kerouac's 'On The Road', while Elloitt snuggled and purred along. 
After lunch Lydia Leith and I decided to take a nice Autumnal stroll down by the river, catching up on each others events, clearing our heads of stresses and woes, generally taking in the lovely day. 

Week Four of Dolly being in hospital. The doctors and nurses seem satisfied with her progress and recovery, however we're a long way off any form of good health. 
Dolly looked nice and cozy in the bed today and although asleep the whole time we visited, in the silence of our heads, the usual Sunday chats were taking place. 


  1. Hello there :) this is Fifi, friend of Loren, we have jet a couple of times. I would like to send love to you and your familly on behalf of loren and myself x