With a crackle of needle hitting vinyl it was Sunday; Torrential rain and Simon and Garfunkel the soundtrack to my awakening.

It seems like far too much time has passed since Henry and Clare accompanied my once traditional Sunday morning wake up call, so with an excited shift from one side of the bed to the other, they were firmly in my grasp once again.

On October Twelfth 2009, i had the pleasure of meeting the creator of the lovers i base my future on, and with a beaming nervousness i requested she penned my book/bible with her signature.
I remember the night perfectly, and while so much has changed since that date, i am happy in the knowledge that following events and changing feelings leave this manuscript and that date flawlessly and happily preserved within my memory.

Sunday breakfast is certainly a special one, and what with my recent obsession with honey, this one was no exception. A lack of car boot sales in recent weeks has left me a little under the weather, so i felt it was only right to utilise previous buys to house my delicious feast in celebration.

So far there was only one thing missing from this perfect day, and that was the company of my Dearest Dolly. That was soon settled as we shared a wonderful drive from her house to mine; This was the perfect opportunity for us to gossip and catch up in private.

And so ends my favourite day just as it began.
With a crackle of needle on vinyl it was the end to my Sunday, Torrential rain and Simon and Garfunkel the soundtrack to my slumber.


This Sunday meant one thing, and one thing only...... Loving Carly Hind.
The End.


For the past 4 days Miss Lydia Leith and I have been living it up in London, visiting exciting places and catching up with old friends.
As you can imagine all this excitement ends up with a big boozy night out, the night bus, a very late night, and very little sleep.
Sunday morning came before we were ready, and good breakfast was the only thing that would help us get through the day.
My BFF Ellie Rocks recommended we attended breakfast/brunch at a delightful little place named 'Bread' down in Clapham, and this is what i treated myself to. The perfect hangover cure i'd say.

After spending the day on Brick Lane, walking like zombies in the blazing afternoon sun, we decided that it was time for a rest. This rest came in the form of a hair of the dog drink, and do you know what? It was nowhere near as painful as i was expecting, and one turned into two, and two turned into three....

Above is my good friend Julia Dias, aka Culietta for those of you who don't know her, let me tell you a few things about her.

1 - She is amazingly talented.
2 - I love her.

A Sunday spent with a hand full of my favourite people... Infinite.


An early morning knock on the door could only mean one thing....... Mark Howlette, Lindsay Atkinson and Lydia Leith were ready to squeeze into MJ and hunt out someone else's old crap.
Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair was in Penrith for the day. So off we drove for a little spy, and maybe a scone or two.
Mark secretly wanted this T-Shirt but was too embarrassed to buy it i think (if i was him i'd totes have snatched this little mutt up!)