For the past 4 days Miss Lydia Leith and I have been living it up in London, visiting exciting places and catching up with old friends.
As you can imagine all this excitement ends up with a big boozy night out, the night bus, a very late night, and very little sleep.
Sunday morning came before we were ready, and good breakfast was the only thing that would help us get through the day.
My BFF Ellie Rocks recommended we attended breakfast/brunch at a delightful little place named 'Bread' down in Clapham, and this is what i treated myself to. The perfect hangover cure i'd say.

After spending the day on Brick Lane, walking like zombies in the blazing afternoon sun, we decided that it was time for a rest. This rest came in the form of a hair of the dog drink, and do you know what? It was nowhere near as painful as i was expecting, and one turned into two, and two turned into three....

Above is my good friend Julia Dias, aka Culietta for those of you who don't know her, let me tell you a few things about her.

1 - She is amazingly talented.
2 - I love her.

A Sunday spent with a hand full of my favourite people... Infinite.

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