Part 1 - Catching up with Magazines.
Part 2 - Catching up with the glorious sunshine.
Part 3 - Catching up with my little Elliott.
Part 4 - Catching up with Fangtang and Friends, Tea and Cake, standard.
Part 5 - Catching up with family traditions, pancakes on the sunday before pancake day.


This morning i awoke from slumber in the most magnificent bedding i have ever owned. I've been jabbering on about these Toast sheets for far too long now that enough was enough, it was time to treat myself, and boy did I.

As i walked to work in the early morning mist i was saddened to hear of the tragic news that Whitney Houston had died. It was only right that today be dedicated to her and her magnificent voice. We will always love you Whitney.


My last Sunday not at work for the next couple of weeks needed to be a relaxing one, and that it certainly was.
Sharing a flask of tea with Lydia Leith, swapping stories of our weeks and the chatterings of secret projects were, as always, a true delight. A strange kind of haze accompanied our winter picnic, a warm blanket of khaki green and brown chilled the air in an unusual yet completely beautiful way.


My only thought when i awoke this morning was that of my day traveling and my night at work in Manchester.
I was personally asked work in Manchester for three nights to help set up the Topman 2012 Spring/Summer model store pack. The model store pack is a book put together for every store in the country to inform them how their store should look for the current season.

This little babe made my journey much more enjoyable.