Today was the first day in weeks in which i have had absolutely nothing to do, the feeling this gave me was of pure joy.

I was given this delightful Laura Veirs vinyl for Christmas from my parents and have been saving it until a day such as today.
Tumble Bee is a collection of mainly traditional folk songs for children (and big children), and not only features beautiful music but also spectacular art work. There was just no way that i wouldn't have loved this album, i think it will play a huge part in my future history, and the future history of my little ones still to come.

Day baths have become somewhat of a treat in my all of a sudden busy life, and as today was a day of treats it felt only right that one should feature in this glorious day of relaxation.

Last but certainly not least, it was time to spend some quality time with my dear Louise Waugh. We caught up, we giggled, we relaxed, but most of all, we appreciated what this rather lovely Sunday had given us.

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