York is one of my favourite cities in the UK. After studying and living there for three years, it is always so pleasurable to return and reminisce about the adventures and fun that was once had.
One of my best friends while i was harbored there was the York Minster; a building of tremendously haunting beauty. She was instantly appointed my muse, becoming the subject of countless photographs and conversations - True Love.

Whether they are architectural or real, reuniting with old friends is wonderful and always a pleasure. This weekend i added stories and laughs to the scrapbook that is my friendship with a small group of beautiful and fantastic people.

My Sunday was spent smiling and laughing through hangovers and injuries.

I find the only way to make hungover train journeys home tolerable, is to add the following ingredients...

- A good magazine: Oh Comely
- A caressing soundtrack: Noah and the Whale, Sia and Keaton Henson.
- A selection of delicious food and drink: Pasta, Fruit, Cookies and Cola.

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  1. have you been to lincoln...I am in love with lincoln cathedral, it is a beaut. much like york minster!