8.00 am sounds my alarm. Sleepy eyed i reach over to my record player and with a crackle Bob Dylan gently caresses my dozy brain.
After Blowin' In The Wind, It Ain't Me Babe, The Times They Are A-Changing and Mr. Tambourine Man, i feel less of a prisoner to sleep.

My heavy eyes open fully, taking a few seconds to focus. Once they are open the dull light welcomes me to what i know is going to be a cold Autumn day. Still a little sleepy, my bare feet make contact with the cold floorboards that support my bedroom's possessions.
Elven sluggish footsteps, one noisy yawn, and a little eye rub later i'm in the bathroom, the place that magically wakens me.
Washed, dressed and now awake my stomach informs me it's time for breakfast.
Today's Menu...

- Soft boiled eggs, befriended by buttered soldiers.
- Pink grapefruit.
- Cup of tea, complete with milk and one sugar.
- Ice cold apple juice.

My breakfast partner this week is the newly delivered 'Toast' catalogue; House and Home as usual and the newly released Men's Wear range.
Reading these catalogues is like looking at my future, perfectly displayed to the finest detail.

Breakfast over, a knock on the door (Lydia), a car full of petrol, Stornoway on the stereo, chats about our Saturday nights, and we're on our way to Silloth car boot.
This week provided some amazing buys.

- Clothes.
- Vanity cases and bags.
- Porcelain cats.
- Gloves.
- Fruit and vegetables.
- Glass cake stands.
- Crockery with the Queen on.
- Bone handled knives.
- Kate Bush and Buddy Holly records.

However by far the best buy of the day was this (possibly 1930s) metal rocking horse. Love at first sight. A bit of bartering later and he's happily in the back of my car.

Thanks Silloth, you did well this week.

After passing a sign post to a place named 'Pow' for the past few boot sale visits, it was time to see what such an amazingly named place had to offer.
It happens 'Pow' is home to a few chavs around a fire. Not quite what we were expecting, but at least now we know. A successful Sunday.

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