Not everyones ideal wake up call on a Sunday morning, but anyone who knows me will tell you of my obsession with dead animals and taxidermy, so naturally this fascinated me. Thank you naughty kitty, whichever one of you it was.

Anyway, enough of that. Today was all about cooking and baking delicious home made treats. I had already arranged to visit my lovely, and more importantly, hot ginger friend Helen Marshall for afternoon tea, and come on you can't arrive empty handed can you? Being a chilly and dull November afternoon i thought rice pudding would be simply perfect, and gosh it was indeed. Being the first time i've attempted it, i think i did a marvelous job (not that it was by any means hard, but still).
So when i arrived at the home of Helen, we decided to make Spanakopita, using the hand written recipe given to me by my Greek Cyproit Mother.
Yet again, DELICIOUS. We are quite the culinary team i'd say.

And to finish..... Fruit scones. Need i say more? This day was just splendid, but golly am i full.

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