My house was still, silent and empty when my eyes sleepily greeted the morning. Dark and heavy light clutched tightly to my bed covers, a blanket on top of my blanket, chilling the air with seasonal whispers.... It was Autumn, and i couldn't be happier.

After layering myself in a comical yet practical outfit in order to collect the produce from our hens, i sat down to breakfast; Preparing myself for the days tasks.
Those tasks came in the form of celebrating the 25 years of Lydia Leith.

Visiting the Leith household is always a treat, i walk the 100 or so steps excited and eager for what is in stall. After saying my Happy Birthdays and gift giving i'm treated this week to a tour of Lydia's Father, Mr Paul Leith's shed; A wonderful place of hard work and beautiful restoration.

Happy Birthday Lydia Leith, i can't think of a better way to have celebrated with you.

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