Pillow marks and a smile graced my face this morning when i awoke.
It was cold, I was cozy, it was Halloween weekend, I was thrilled.
Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, the combination of the dark nights, getting wrapped up warm, fancy dress, parties and pumpkins makes me the most happy.

Having prepared our pumpkin the night before, when i walked into my kitchen i was greeted with the most delicious smell of cooking and sight of fresh vegetables from my garden, still coated with the soil that had nurtured and accompanied their growing process; Homegrown produce soon to become, pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread and roasted, salted pumpkin seeds.

The overwhelming feeling of happiness i got watching my Mother cooking, looking cute in her oversized red wool jumper, leggings and dessert boot combination was indescribable.
My Father chopping wood in the garden, plaid shirt, beige wool jumper heavy with holes, an overgrown beard, a visual diary of a weeks hard work.
Autumn/Winter are the only seasons that seem to make these simple tasks/outfits something infinitely significant.
Happy Halloween.

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