Hammering rain against my window was my alarm today, after a twelve hour sleep marathon i was happy to wake up knowing that it was miserable weather outside as i was so happily hibernated under a mass of duvet and pillows; Simon and Garfunkel gently easing me into consciousness.

Recently i've been addicted to Lemon Curd, so today i decided to make a new batch.
First task, Carole King full blast.

Beaten eggs, lemon zest and juice, sugar and melted butter later, this is what i ended up with.

Pretty darn neato i'd say.... and what better way to test the result than to smear it all over a big chunk of fruit loaf. Delicious.

Housewifing over, it was time to nip down the road to say a loving goodbye to Carly Hind, who had made us all happy by joining us on Eden Street for a long weekend.

My final task of the day was to lay my head back down on my favourite pillow, and dream of one day owning a closet that looks something like this....... swoon.

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