In September of 2004 i met some of my most treasured friends, in the exquisite city of York.
7 years on, i'm lucky and proud to say that my friendship with these people has not changed, and in many ways has only grown stronger.
I've seen these people do amazing things, from becoming established teachers, perform at major music festivals, train and study to become the people that they've always hoped to be, and even get married.
The latter is the one thing that makes me so excited and the most proud. Seeing the relationships of your friends blossom into a commitment of marriage is one of the most satisfying and amazing things, seeing them publicly proclaim their love for one another was one of the best days of my 26 years. Knowing that one day marriage and a love like theirs could be mine just fills my future with so much hope i could smile about it all day long.

With those thoughts in mind, my hungover train journey home was much more pleasant than i was expecting, blazing sunshine, Donny Hathaway and Bob Dylan certainly helped.
Today of all days i am thankful for friendship, love, and Sundays.

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