When i was at school Art was my favourite subject. However since leaving, many years ago now, it quickly became part of my past, a skill gathering dust in the depths of my brain.
I've always been sorry that this became a neglected talent, and suddenly felt the urge to put an end to my artistic drought.
A masterpiece it certainly isn't, but i was excited to learn that my past rehearsals haven't been fully wasted (i promise to post the finished product if you promise not to judge, deal?!).

This weekend was also a celebration to my newly purchased Death Cab For Cutie album - 'Codes and Keys'. Death Cab will always remind me of my university days, truly some of the best years i have spent. The release of this album coming so close to just spending time with old university friends i think has made it all the more special. I've listened to it none stop since its purchase on Saturday morning; while i still don't have a favourite i'll leave you with this link so you can research and decide for yourself?
May i just say, what an exquisite album indeed. May i also suggest that you surround yourself in a cozy bed while listening to it and just bask in its glory.

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